Every detail of our product is handcrafted based from the original Altec A5 speakers. The cabinet is made of wood imported from New Zealand and is replicated 100% like the original A5.

The horns’ driver used is 1505B made of 6mm thick MDF wood identical to the original horn which is made of metal. Also, we added a super tweeter JBL 2405 to enhance the sound frequency to higher than 20,000hz.

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Altec Lansing A5 Customized with sound very very nice

1 pair crossover for Altec Lansing A5,A7 use 515/416 driver 288,291/802 tweteer


After many hours of labor, I’ve created a perfect product using walnut wood.

This product have dimensions 100% match the dimension of the original 1505B from Altec Lansing (As represented in provided pictures). All are made from Walnut wood 6mm thick and is finished with best quality paint to ensure the longevity of the product.

From the presented product’s sizes, you see that this product is big so I carefully wrap and package this product using big pallet wood box to protect the product when shipping.

You can rest assured about the product’s quality and longevity when using my product. The sound quality when using 288/291 or jbl 375 driver will produce cutoff frequency below 500hz.

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I designer this crossover Altec Lansing A5, A7 VOTTs of Jean Hiraga’s that impressed everyone so much back in the day. Jean Hiraga has made the circuit diagram for the crossover he designed for the A5 to adapt it to home use available to A5 enthusiasts.

If you own a pair of A5 or A7 speakers, this is a great choice for you, as you know original crossover of the A5 and A7 designed for the theater, so when listening in the family can not low-resolution  and almost can not highs  reach 18000hz

Our crossovers are designed with 3-way ,  you can use speakers from 8ohms to 16ohms, When we designed this crossover we had to do it many several times , and we designed more supper tweeter for this crosoover , that can meet frequencies over 20,000hz.

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1 pair crossover for Altec Lansing A5,A7 use 515/416 driver 288,291/802 tweteer

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