Horn JBL 2397, 100% made from solid walnut wood, with thoart adaptor 2328 for 375, 288 driver



  • Details:
  • 100% handmade
  • Made from walnut wood with the same size as the original
  • Products include adaptor 2328
  • frequency response below 800hz
  • Shipping with insurance for the product
  • Dimensions: width 675mm x depth 375 x height 75mm
  • unpacked weight is 39lb
  • packed shipping 48lb
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  • Mid-frequency trumpets are made from solid walnut wood, 100% handmade, it took us many hours to make them,
  • The material we use is made of solid walnut wood, the surface is treated with dry paint
  • All products are copied from the original, although the appearance is a little different, the size is 100% the same as the original,
  • this adapter 2328 is also a copy from JBL, the size is 100% from the original, they are cast in aluminum
  • we also tested their frequency response, they give a frequency of 500hz without any annoying interference
  • you absolutely can use for any driver, like JBL 375, 2440, 2441, altec lansing 288, 291…etc. If using another driver you have to drill holes for the adaptor, because this 2328 adaptor is for 375, so you need to drill the adaptor hole accordingly.

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