Ampliffier Tube

All the LANSING AUDIO equipment, a well known vacuum tube sound system manufacturer in VietNam, are manufactured with in-house indigenous technologies throughout circuitry design process to production of system from the initial product development to the commissioning of systems.
With such integrated manufacturing process, the LANSING AUDIO sound systems have been recognized with stable quality of products as the work pieces of art.
Taking the advantage of technical knowledge and expertise accumulated to date researching for over 20 years being attracted and absorbed in premium analog audio systems, LANSING AUDIO has been producing the highest quality vacuum tube sound systems. LANSING AUDIO produces all the individual sound product custom built with hard wiring process by his own hands using only the premium class components in order to assure reserving the original high fidelity sound tone for a long period time up to the level of carrying the product for several generations.
All the vacuum tube sound system products from LANSING AUDIO are manufactured employing the unique circuitries designed in-house, which are new circuit design technologies yet the sound reproduced through these systems are well recognized with its sentimental, warm and elegantly flowing genuine vacuum tube amplifier sound tones.


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