Parallel Single-end stereo 6c33c Class A Triode Integrated Tube Amplifier

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With a power of 45w/ and SE circuit, this amplifier can work with most type of speakers on the market. Sound quality and reliability are the main focuses when designing this amp. When you listen to this amplifier you will feel like you are listening to 300b and 845, because it’s sound quality will exceed your expectation about 6c33c tube. Don’t believe me? Because I designed a PSE circuit with some enhancements. Only high quality capacitors and transistors are used and all the OPT and power suppliers are high quality components that has low rate of failure and high accuracy specifications from :
Magnetic Components, Inc.
9520 Ainslie Street
Schiller Park, IL 60176

Other than the mentioned components above, I also focused on the functionality of this amp so it can fit with all type of music. I used a PREAMPLIFIER for bass and tweeter. This amplifier have all the function you need for a professional amplifier.

From phono input to balance, all are integrated professionally by myself. I also tested this amp with all kind of speakers from non-professional to professional speakers, the results were outstanding that the sound is very clear and warm.

The phono is placed through two 6dj8 tubes, when listening to an analog sound, it will deliver a type of sound full of classical feeling but doesn’t lose the clearness of the sound. The bass is soft and deep. And the midrange will deliver a smoothness of the classical analog sound.

The balance is placed through two high quality capacitors. When listening through the blance, it will deliver a clear and even sound from all three frequency band. I myself is very enjoying when listening through blance because it will further enhance the sound quality that exceed your expectation.

With the output transformers design, we set it up for 4ohm, 8ohm, or 16ohm. This amplifier can work with all frequency band from 4ohm to 16ohm. It can work with all type of speakers you have.

All the input signal were set very accurately for your speakers. And the power supplier were set up to work for different voltage range from 110v/120v to 230v.

You can also use a preamplifier separately through an off switch

With all mentioned functionality, this amplifier is big and a bit heavy with both sides were constructed with natural wood for an elegant but professional style.
All the circuit were designed with silver plated copper wire together with our own Lansing audio’s circuit board designed using 100% silver wire aiming for zero loss signal to help to reach our desired sound quality.

With more than 4 years of designing and developing this amplifier, now you can taste the sound quality that’s on par with sound from premium products without having to pay big money. For this kind of sound quality, you may even have to pay $10,000 or even more to reach this level of sound quality.
We are a new company but we always improving our products to reach international standards. We don’t falsely advertise our product. And 100% of our customers were very satisfied.
We have limited stock due to low manufacturing capacity. If you wish to own one of this, please order now or contact our sale representatives.
Music always brings joy and passions.

Technical specifications:
input voltage mains autoranging 100v-120v-230v
maximum input power 230W
Parallel Single-end 6C33C triode in class A
Type Single Ended Class “A” Power Output 45 Watts/1 channels (45w x 2) @ 4 & 8&16 ohms
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 120 kHz
Input Impedance 600 0hm
Input Sensitivity 0,75 vPP
Balance 1V PP
Rise Time 3.2 microsecond
Noise 95 dB Below Rated Output
Tube Complement 4 x 6h8c(6SN7) , 2 x 6n3c(6L6), 1 x 5u3c(5U4G), 4 x 6C33C
Power Requirement 100 /120/230 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz, 550 VA
Dimensions (W x D x H) 72cm (28 inch) x 40cm (16 inch) x 20cm (8inch)
NET Weight 70G (150 lbs) unpacked / per piece
TOTAL Weight packed 70G (150 lbs)

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