Altec A5 Customized with sound nice so more than the original (515/288/2405)

This auction is for a pair of historical A5 speakers from Altec Lansing:
Every detail of our product is handcrafted based from the original Altec A5 speakers. The cabinet is made of wood imported from New Zealand and is replicated 100% like the original A5.
The horns’ driver used is 1505B made of 6mm thick MDF wood identical to the original horn which is made of metal. Also, we added a super tweeter JBL 2405 to enhance the sound frequency to higher than 20,000hz.
All the crossover are 3-way redesigned. All the inductor coil used is from Janzen and capacitor used are oil capacitor from Japan.
The sound quality that this crossover delivers will be far exceed your expectation. In pictures provided you can see that we take the sound quality and the finish of our product very seriously.
Most of other legendary A5 speakers are usually used in theatre, but when using our product you will have a high-end sound quality that any audiophile would ever expect.
In this product we used 515lf bass horn, 288-16k horn driver and JBL 2505 super tweeter. A set of holding frames for the speakers is included in the package for free.
I’m a woodcraftsman and a sound designer with a strong passion for classic hifi products especially from Altec Lansing and many years of experience in replicating them. If you are a real audiophile and is experienced in classic hifi product, you will get the quality of our product just by looking at the images we provided.
Package contains:
– 1 x pair of A5 speakers + 515LF bass
– 1 x pair of 1505B multi-cell horns
– 1 x pair of 30166 adaptors
– 1 x pair of 288-16k horn drivers
– 1 x pair of holding frames
– 1 x pair of connecting wires.
We ship worldwide, wrapped and packaged carefully before shipping. 30-day money back guarantee. If you have question feel free to contact me at
Thank you