1 Pair crossover customized for JBL 4344, 4343, 4341, 4333 (2235/LE85+LE175)

1 Pair crossover JBL customized for JBL 4344, 4343, 4341, 4333 (2235/LE85+LE175)

all thoroughly tested, the sound is better than the original crossover, soft bass, sweet mid, super tweeter Up to 18khz,

I designed a lot of crossovers for JBL, If you want to build yourself a crossover for JBL please contact us, we are the audiophile who have researched and used JBL for many years.

Look at the pictures you will find we use chokes and capacitors that belong to very good products and rare,

My description is not say it all about sound ,When you have it to experience the reality you will see how wonderful , let’s set the ( Oder Now) to own it, you have 30 days money back, with 100% satisfied

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