1 pair crossover for JBL Paragon use 150-4/LE15 driver 375 tweteer JBL 075/077

This may be my most successful crossover design for paragon or JBL Hartsfield. With continuous effort and thoroughly testing, I finally make a perfect crossover.

Before trying to test this crossover, many have questioned if this crossover could keep up with the power of the speakers, even though paragon have gained many people’s heart for its elegant design, but not everyone could enjoy the full potential that this crossover could bring.

I designed this crossover with two main targets. First is to raise the softness of the bass horn and second is to raise the frequency to more than 20,000Hz which the original XO couldn’t bring (more on the pictures provided.)

When listening to the original paragon XO, we can hear that the bass is not soft and clear. The horn driver couldn’t deliver as much natural sound. And the super tweeter can’t handle the high frequencies. Because they were only designed to handle analog sound source. But now is the time of lossless and digital sound source like Jazz and Blue.

That’s why I redesigned this crossover to fit today’s sound quality. With my XO, you can have a peace of mind when playing high definition and high quality sound. Because I take quality of my product very seriously. From assuring the quality of every part and material to sound quality. Every capacitor and inductor coil were tested very thoroughly before assembling. All the inductor used are from Janzen and capacitor used are oil capacitor from Japan which are known to have very low rate of failure.

Other than the precision of the speaker’s frequencies, I have constructed L-pad controllers for the horn driver so you can control the frequencies below 500Hz as your will and L-pad for tweeter over 16,000Hz.

All the connection wires were silver coated to further prevent connection degradation overtime. Bi-amp connection is used to separate each part when using multiple amplifiers.

I’m Yusuke Toshiro, I was born in Japan and now living in Vietnam. I have soon experienced many high quality sound producing device from the 60s and 70s. Because then I started to develop strong passion for classic sound products. I spent three years in designing and testing this XO, now I finally can share my passion to the public. I can assure you that this product will deliver the sound quality higher than you your expectation.
If you have question, feel free to contact me at lansingaudio@gmail.com
Wrapped and packaged carefully before shipping.
Thank you.

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  1. David Keene

    I have 076,375 with Rey wood horn and le15 in Olympus cabinet, will this crossover be applicable or can you build two crossovers to work with my speakers.
    Thank you
    David Keene

    • admin

      Dear Sir,
      Thank you for trusting us,
      We will build you a crossover matches the speakers you have
      thank Sir so much,