1 pair crossover for Altec Lansing A5,A7 use 515/416 driver 288,291/802 tweteer

I designer this crossover Altec Lansing A5, A7 VOTTs of Jean Hiraga’s that impressed everyone so much back in the day. Jean Hiraga has made the circuit diagram for the crossover he designed for the A5 to adapt it to home use available to A5 enthusiasts.

If you own a pair of A5 or A7 speakers, this is a great choice for you, as you know original crossover of the A5 and A7 designed for the theater, so when listening in the family can not low-resolution  and almost can not highs  reach 18000hz

Our crossovers are designed with 3-way ,  you can use speakers from 8ohms to 16ohms, When we designed this crossover we had to do it many several times , and we designed more supper tweeter for this crosoover , that can meet frequencies over 20,000hz.

All materials make this crossover we have inspection very thorough,

All the chokes we use of Jantzen are made in Denmark, One of their best chokes with less than index wrong – 1%

The capacitors we use are extremely rare paper capacitors manufactured in Japan today these capacitors are very rare in that each capacitor ranges from $ 50 to $ 100 or over

electrical wire for circuit design we use westen electric 12 AWG, multistrand copper that is SILVER plated

As picture you have seen l-pad we use 2 l-pad, 1 used for supper tweeter, 1 used for horn driver,

When designing this crossover, we use the entrance signal B-Wire, to meet all your needs when using multiple amplifiers , separation the frequency, when using multiple amplifier

++++   who ask me if designing an external crossover like this will make the signal line too long will cause signal attenuation, I have examined the actual attenuation of the crossover when measured on a CTL machine is negligible

Configured to use crossovers as follows :

  • Bass Speaker 515 or 416 (8ohm or 16ohm)
  • horn drive 288/291 / or 802/806
  • speaker supper tweeter JBl , fostex, TAD ..vv.. (8ohm or 16ohm)

The crossover frequency can be as follows,

  • bass speakers from 35hz to 500hz,
  • horn driver speakers from 500hz to 12khz
  • supper tweeter speakers from 12khz to more than 20khz,

horizontal 35cm  depth 31cm height 10cm

This product weighs 18kg / pair

these things can not describe the level or the crossover for this For A5 or A7, if you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know,

we specialize design  crossover for Altec lansing, JBL, klipsch, TAD

2 thoughts on “1 pair crossover for Altec Lansing A5,A7 use 515/416 driver 288,291/802 tweteer”

  1. How many amplifiers does this crossover need?

    Is there a special cable to connect the preamplifier to amplifiers (just in case two or more amplifiers are needed?

    What tweeter will work best with altec 515b woofers and altec 288c drivers?

    How much would wooden altec 805 B horns cost?


    1. Sorry for the late reply,
      This crossover you can use an amplifier or 2 amplifier, if using an amplifier you connect lf and hf together,
      supper tweeter best used for 515B and 288c you should use JBL 075,077,2402 alnico or 2405,
      thank you so much


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