1 pair Altec Lansing 1505B Multicell Horns wood walnut, for Altec 288/291 driver

Auction for a pair of multi-cell horn 1505B.

After many hours of labor, I’ve created a perfect product using walnut wood. This product have dimensions 100% match the dimension of the original 1505B from Altec Lansing (As represented in provided pictures). All are made from Walnut wood 6mm thick and is finished with best quality paint to ensure the longevity of the product.

From the presented product’s sizes, you see that this product is big so I carefully wrap and package this product using big pallet wood box to protect the product when shipping.

You can rest assured about the product’s quality and longevity when using my product. The sound quality when using 288/291 or jbl 375 driver will produce cutoff frequency below 500hz.

The original 1505B

from Altec Lansing is designed using metal for serving in movie theaters that has wide space so when using them at home, the sound produced will have a lot of echo and shrillness/discordance. But with this walnut wood version, the driver going through the metal throat 30166 adapter then going through walnut wood multi-cell horn will produce clearer, warmer and more natural or even heart-touching sound.

My name is Yusuke Toshiro, I’m a speaker designer, amplifier designer, a craftsman, a woodworker with many years of experience in designing audio product. And with a strong passion for classic audio products especially products from Altec Lansing, I replicated these 100% to my heart’s content so I do not falsely advertise my products. The dimensions are 100% like the original to preserve the sound quality. You can rest assured when using my product with 30 days money back guarantee.

Pictures provided represent the real product in person with measured dimensions.

I ship worldwide. Wrapped and packaged carefully before shipping. Feel free to contact me if you have question. Thank you.

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