About Us

Music reproduction

Lansing Audio is one of the continually operating manufacturers in Vietnam audio. The company was founded in 2008 at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with one goal in mind: to advance the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Today, Lansing Audio remains a performance-oriented company by philosophy and design. New product introductions are driven only by genuine advances in technology and performance — the HIGH DEFINITION that is the hallmark of the company’s products.

The Audio Industry

Lansing Audio was instrumental in refocusing the audio industry on designing products for musical performance, and not merely for the sake of new technology or mass-market pricing. Lansing audio was founded by Johnny Trinh in 2008, who began designing custom audio electronics and who also operated a specialty audio retail store at California. Johnny has redesigned all vacuum tube ampllifiers at a time when major industry manufacturers had abandoned this technology in favor of low-cost solid-state. All products of Johnny design and produce 100% handmade with high accuracy

Musical Enjoyment

Lansing Audio prides itself on manufacturing only those products which will provide genuine enjoyment for as long as the customer cares to own them. In company practice, Lansing Audio's technicians design or restore all products JBL, Altec lansing, etc.
Over the years we've rebuilt most crossovers and cabinets for lots of audiophile around the world, delivering superior sound improvement without losing the charm of classic sound.

Team Support

Over the years we have been developing techniques to improve as much as possible for legendary products such as TAD, JBL and Altec Lansing, with the aim of exploiting the fidelity of these legends.

If you intend to upgrade your audio system, don't hesitate, please give us a question as much as possible, or CONTACT US.

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