Summer Rain Part Twenty Two

Summer Rain Part Twenty Two

Recently I’ve been doing small woodworking projects for friends and family.  I purchased a thickness planer and joiner.  A thickness planer is an amazing tool that is able to plane wood to thickness and create two parallel faces.  This is great for making tables and preparing wood to be joined.  The joiner is able to create perfect right angle faces to the faces that were planed using the planer.  Both tools are able to produced very smooth and accurate surface finishes.  This takes the quality level up a few notches and allows me to produce some very high quality work.

Although the wood finish was beautiful, the customer wanted it painted.  That seems to be the trend these days.  I had to purchase an automotive paint gun and air compressor to complete the job.  The paint finish came out excellent.  I was happy to have learned this new ability.  This can certainly translate into better speaker building!
With my expanded ability I wanted to refinish my summer rain project with a new coat of paint and some other changes.
I putty filled all the old screw holes and sanded everything with 220 grit sandpaper to a very smooth finish.
I built new legs which I plan to paint.
I modeled the changes on my computer.  I plan to add the wood trim to the horn, and add grill fabric to the woofer.
After about 4 coats of primer (sanding in between) and a final coat of semi-gloss acrylic paint, this is how it came out.  I mounted the Fostex driver to see how it looks.   I’m pretty happy with result.  The wood trim will make it look even better I think.
Stay tuned for the completion of the Summer Rain.  It’s hard doing all this work and not having them to listen to.  So I decided to connect the one horn to my workshop sound system.  Gotta love the big horn sound!
L’Cleach horns painted…
I painted the L’Cleach horns white but the surface finish on certain sections was too rough to produce a good finish.  I sanded them again with 220 grit sandpaper and painted them with hammertone paint.  They came out pretty good, but not perfect.

I think I will make solid hardwood horns next using segmented turning.  Here is an example of segmented turning…

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